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Message from the President

Never say never! Words of wisdom, that recently have become quite significant for me. In the past, I was asked repeatedly, whether I wouldn’t want to serve as the President of the Swiss Club Tokyo. And I always said: Never!

Well, what changed my mind? In a nutshell: the deciding factor probably was the success of last Year's 1. August event at the Keio Floral Garden. It showed me, that the desire for real social interaction is still very much alive, also among young people, and it gave my motivation an enormous boost. So, I reconsidered and accepted the challenge…

There is of course also the fact, that as of July 1, 2020, I am a retiree and have a lot of time on my hands. 

Now, how will club life continue? There are quite a few question marks owing to the “new normal” with Covid-19. I believe the answer probably lies in smaller events and activities -- preferably outdoors. I could for example imagine some outings in the Kamakura area, were I moved to recently.

But we will also give the 1. of August celebration at the Keio Floral Garden another try, and take it from there.

Our Year End Party, which traditionally has been a joint-event with the Chamber of Commerce, unfortunately became a victim of the current Covid-19 situation. There were just to many unknown factors, and the financial risk was too great.

Together with the Chamber of Commerce we will re-evaluate the possibility for a reboot in 2021 (with maybe a new concept for the event).

Now, if you have ideas for any kind of activities that could become part of our club life, please let me know and contact me (click here)!

Let's do our utmost to keep the Swiss Club Tokyo alive!

Peter Woehrle, President

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