Most people believe:

  • The Swiss Teacher is hired  and paid by the German School

  • The German School is very expensive

  • The "Swiss Lessons" are only for Swiss


But in fact:

  • The Swiss Teacher is hired by the Section Education and financed by  


1. The Swiss business community


2. The Swiss Federal Office of Culture


  • The financial support of the Swiss government is provided based on the commitment of the Swiss Community to provide a Swiss teacher to the German School

  • Because of this commitment all Swiss enjoy the same conditions (i.e. School Fee, Reductions etc.) as German or Japanese citizen

  • The German School is together with the French School the cheapest foreign school in Japan

  • The "Swiss Lessons" are open to every student at the German School



Swiss Children – 2016/2017: 28 - 2017/2018: 32


DSTY Total – Current: around 520 Children (450 in 2016/17) whereof around 60 % are “Halfs”


85 % of Swiss Children have dual nationality (Swiss/Japanese)


70 % of their parents work for Swiss companies or institutions


30 % of the Swiss Children are either in "Kindergarten" or Elementary School


  • Out of 26 lessons given by the Swiss teacher, 8 school lessons are dedicated "Swiss Lessons" 

  • Lessons are starting with 1st Grade up to 12th Grade

  •  French lessons starting from 4th Grade

  • Extended Swiss lessons curriculum incl. Swiss history, geography, culture, political system and others

  • Project days for Swiss related topics in politics, cultural and sports events 

  • Swiss teacher as a board member of the Swiss Club

  • The organisation of Swiss events in coordination with the Swiss Club



Providing Swiss children at the German School (DSTY) a vital link to their home country offering basic knowledge about Switzerland and French lessons by creating a small Swiss environment with the "Swiss Lessons".

New Swiss Teacher for School Year 2017/2018

Christoph Geissler

Age: 27


Home: Bern


Education: Master of History (Major)

and English Literature (Minor) studied in

Bern and graduated as a teacher for

Secondary School (EDK)


Languages: German, English and French


Professional Experience: Middle School Teacher in the Canton

of Bern and at a boarding school in Salima, Malawi (Africa).


Total Sponsoring in School Year 2016/2017:  JPY 2.2 m


Total Sponsoring in School Year 2017/2018:  JPY 2.0 m


For School Year 2017/2018 New Sponsors of JPY 2.6 m


  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Zug/ Switzerland (3 years)


  • Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama




Actelion Pharmaceuticals Japan Ltd.​

Breitling Japan Co., Ltd.​

Bundesamt für Kultur BAK, Bern​

DKSH Japan K.K.​

Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama​

G&S Japan K.K.​

Givaudan Japan K.K.​

Mont-bell Co., Ltd.​

Muller Martini Japan Ltd.​

Rolex (Japan) Ltd.​

Swiss Chamber of Commerce and

Industry in Japan​

Swiss International Airlines Japan​

The Swatch Group (Japan) K.K.​

UBP Investments Co., Ltd.​

USM U. Schaerer Sons K.K.​

Zuika International Co., Ltd.​

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.​

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