Join us for the Boshira Beer Festival on the  weekend  of September 11/12

at the Boshira Castle in the South of the Boso Peninsula


After careful consideration, we are planning to go ahead with our traditional Autumn Beer Festival at the Boshira Castle in Minami Boso.

Join us to unwind for a weekend right at the Pacific coast in the south of the Boso Peninsula (Chiba).

The Boshira Castle offers plenty of space, as well as outdoor facilities (covered BBQ deck, rooftop terrace) to ensure physical distancing for a limited amount of guests.


In view of the current situation, we will limit ourselves to 30 participants (first come, first serve). So sign up as quickly as possible to reserve yourself a space.

We also require guests to:

- Refrain from participating if they fill ill.

- Wear masks in public, except while eating and drinking.

- Thoroughly disinfect their hands on a regular basis, particularly before handling food items.


For information on the facility and exact location (access by car), please refer to the following link:


Click on the buttons above for detailed event information and the application form. Please send applications directly to:


Access by public transportation is not impossible, but might be a bit cumbersome. The best option is is the JR Highway Bus Service from Tokyo Station to Awa Shirahama (approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes).


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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