July 26, 2019

Swiss National Day Celebration 2019 at the Keio Floral Garden Ange

We tried something new, and it turned out to be a "winner"! Since we could not use the poolside of the Hilton Tokyo Bay as a venue anymore, we needed to find something new quick. After an extensive search, we finally came to an agreement with the Keio Floral Garden Ange to launch a 1. August celebration resembling the casual festivities back in Switzerland. The people of the Floral Garden were very keen on hosting us, and offered us an irresistible deal. This allowed us to set the price for admission at JPY 3000 for members and JPY 5000 for non-members, which is ridiculously low for what was offered.

Small wonder that we had a turn-out of over 120 guests, who appeared to enjoy the party enormously and left with satisfied smiles on their faces. That the approaching typhoon No. 6 decided not to join the party of course helped too.

We are not entirely sure what will be in store for our National Day Celebration 2020, as the Embassy might plan something special in connection with all the activities related to the Olympic Games next year, but we will definitely be back in the Keio Floral Garden Ange!

May 28, 2019

In 2014, Switzerland and Japan joyfully celebrated the 150th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations. In 2019, ahead of the highly anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (SCCIJ), is going on a brand new adventure.
The Grand Tour of Switzerland in Japan consists of an interactive map introducing the places in Japan that have a meaningful relation with Switzerland. In other words, it was designed to give the Japanese population the possibility to “discover Switzerland in Japan”. From sister cities to “2020 Host Towns”, sister railways, architectural landmarks, or historical figures, you will be surprised to know that bits of Switzerland can be found all over the Archipelago!

And our Swiss Club happens to be a station of the Grand Tour!

Check out the link below:

Doors to Switzerland

Prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan wishes to celebrate the ties of friendship between the two countries in all their strength and diversity. "Doors to Switzerland – Japan 2020" is an events and communication program based on three core themes: discovery, innovation and inclusiveness. Just like the Olympic torch travels through the country before the opening ceremony, the program will open many doors to Switzerland in Japan from February 2019 to July 2020, until the House of Switzerland opens its doors in Shibuya.

Swiss Culture in Japan, Summer Edition 2019

PDF version of the Culture Calendar issued quarter annually by the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo, informing on various cultural events involving Switzerland.

March 16, 2018

Swiss Review App for Android & iPhone

Swiss review is now available as app for Android and iPhone. Get the latest updates exclusively tailored for Swiss living abroad.

March 11, 2018

The Council of the Swiss Abroad

The recognized mouthpiece of the Fifth Switzerland


The Council of the Swiss Abroad represents the interests of Swiss expatriates before the authorities and public opinion in Switzerland. This is why the media call it the 'Parliament of the Fifth Switzerland'. It has numerous major achievements for the Fifth Switzerland to its credit.


In charge for the Swiss living in Japan is at the moment Max Petitjean.

October 02, 2017

"Swiss Community in Japan"

We founded the Facebook group "Swiss Community in Japan".

If you are a veteran and willing to coach the newcomers, please become a member!

If you are looking for advice on living in Japan or want to connect with Swiss living abroad,

please sign up for the community as well.

In any case, when accepted into the community, please write a short self introduction on the timeline.

No member fees for the Swiss Club requested. We moderate the group, but it's a platform free to use for everyone.

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