August 22, 2020

New Location for the monthly get-together "Stammtisch"

In view of the current increase in COVID-19 infections, we were rather reluctant to organize and announce a get-together in an enclosed space. But instead of canceling the "Stammtisch" right out, we started to look for alternatives, namely a place where we could sit together outside. I believe we found something interesting not too far from our regular location:

The Gino Sorbillo Artista Pizza Napoletana, which offers seating on the terrasse.

Unfortunately our regular "come-as-you-please" policy does not work here and we had to make a reservation.

We tentatively reserved 8 seats for Monday, August 31,  as that is the average turnout for a "Stammtisch".

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to join and check out this new location. It will be "first come - first served"!


They currently only serve Pizza or Antipasti on the terrasse.


The restaurant is located in the Coredo Muromachi Building very close to exit No. A8 of Mitsukoshimae Station.


August 16, 2020

(07.15-10.15) “SEED” by ASF – a leap forward

“ASF_a leap forward” is an online/offline forum for arts focusing on sustainability via panel discussions, VR reality artworks and online streaming talks. ASF’s first exhibition “SEED” collects the seed of art to contribute to sustainability and new ways how to see it. Artists from Asia and Switzerland are encouraged to tackle at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals goals and to incorporate them in their artworks. The physical exhibition will be held from September 4-6 at RSS in Tokyo.
Along with the physical exhibition “SEED”, ASF is also presenting an online room experience where some of the artworks from the participating artists can be seen from mid-July to mid-October (07.15 – 10.15).
For more details, please refer to this press release or the website of ASF, and consider supporting their mission on their crowdfunding page!

Swiss Culture in Japan, Summer Edition 2020

Check out the new Culture Calendar issued by the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo, informing on various cultural events involving Switzerland.

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